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Dan is super talented. Blah, blah, blah, everyone loves him. What can I say, when you pay for your own website you can write whatever you want.

Daniel Fajardo (Director / Writer / Producer) 1st generation Cuban-American born in North Bergen, NJ. He graduated from New Jersey City University in 2005 where he studied Multimedia & Film. His interest in film and video production resulted in directing and producing music videos for Christian R&B singer B-Luv and was the recipient of four music video awards that included Gospel Bluemic Achievement Award for Video of the Year for “Love of My Life” in 2013, Kingdom Choice Award & Gospel Bluemic Achievement Award for Video of the Year for “Guidance” in 2014, and Gospel Bluemic Achievement Video Award of the Year 2015 for “Grow”. Daniel has thirteen and half years of video experience working in churches, leading volunteers, and handling all aspects of video production. Studying film making and these experiences are where he learned the art of telling stories.

He later moved to Tampa in March 2019 with his family to become a video producer at Grace Family Church where he met Tim Searfoss. He partnered with Tim Searfoss (director) to produce a short film titled Fireworks, an Official Finalist at the Jelly Film Festival, and it additionally went on to be a Biff Award Nominee for Best Cinematography and Best Actress (Kendra Pepe) at the Branson International Film festival.

Tim and Dan then co-wrote a christian football movie, The Greatest Coach of All Time starring Dean Cain. However, after five days into production the film making was halted due to Covid-19.

They continued to partner and produced an unreleased action comedy short film Phoenix, starring David Payton from (WandaVision / Waves) fame with actress Amanda Manez.

During Phoenix production, Daniel was an audio engineer on a documentary titled Revelations Cafe for director John Corry of Forks over Knives. In August of 2020, Tim was handed the opportunity to produce and direct Break Every Chain where they both served as co-writers and producers for the film. It is based on Jonathon Hickory’s book, Break Every Chain. Filled with talented performances and beautiful cinematography, this powerful film is a true story about the struggles and challenges first responders face and the toll it takes on their lives. First responders have a higher rate of suicide and PTSD due to what they experience on a daily basis, and the film offers hope to all audiences.

Daniel is excited to continue his education and journey into the art of film making, where he hopes to inspire, captivate, and entertain audiences for years to come.